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The NYF program couples strategic planning with prompt implementation. NYF communities are paired with a consultant team and a project lead from the Department of State (DOS), who guide them through a targeted community-based planning process geared towards developing a Strategic Investment Plan (SIP). The SIP includes a list of “priority projects”, which are recommended to the State for funding using the NYF funds.Through the NYF program, downtowns of small villages, hamlets, and neighborhood-scale commercial centers will receive planning and implementation support needed to attract more businesses, residents, and visitors, while also providing a higher quality of life for all residents.


The NYF process and development of SIP broadly includes the following steps.

1/Local Planning Committee 

A  Local Planning Committee (LPC) comprised of local and regional leaders, stakeholders, and community representatives intended to represent diverse interests is convened to oversee the planning process and development of the SIP.

As the steering body of the process, the LPC meets regularly to brainstorm ideas, provide direction to the consultant team, review planning products, discuss potential projects, and prioritize actions. These meetings are open to the public and for more information please click the link below .  

  • LPC Members
    Mayor Martin Ruytna, Co-Chair Dr. Marsha Gordon, Co-Chair Rev. Christian Santiago Jessica Mejias Kirsten Hase-McLaughlin Laura Rey Innarelli Mark Soja Michele Gonzalez (via phone) Michelle Spino Adruss Rene Leon Sara Hodgdon Torrance Walley

2/Public Engagement

Throughout the planning process, the public is invited to proactively contribute ideas that guide the LPC, DOS, and consultant team for the development of the SIP. Notices of public workshops, local outreach activities, and other opportunities to provide input will be posted on this website and publicized through print, media, and online channels. Please check back regularly for updates.

3/Visions, Goals, and Revitalization Strategies 

Based on community input, the LPC develops a guiding framework including a community vision, action-oriented goals to support the vision, and measurable strategies to guide the implementation. These coordinated actions, objectives, and planning approach are the guiding framework for the SIP.

4/Priority Projects

LPC's identify key transformative projects to advance the community vision and goals. Priority projects are intended to transform the physical environment of the NYF area in ways that will benefit current residents and future generations. In some cases, they may also include non-capital projects that can lead to capital investment which in turn will revitalize the NYF area.  All priority projects will be reviewed by the State prior to any selection or award.

5/Strategic Investment Plan

The SIP includes the objectives and goals defined under the NYF Program. The plan is a compilation of the community's vision, goals that can be accomplished to advance the vision, specific opportunities and challenges for the revival of the NYF area, measurable implementation strategies, and transformative projects that could be sponsored using NYF funding.


Projects from each community are evaluated by the State, which after its due diligence, identifies those projects best suited for NYF funding. Announcements on the funded projects are made by the Governor. Once projects are announced, the State will enter into a separate contract with the entity responsible for implementing the project.  All State procurement procedures must be followed and NYF funding is provided on a reimbursable basis.


Image Credit: Google Earth

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